Vectorfog Philippines is the official website online distributor of (BrownY) Brown Y Korea Corporation. Brown Y Korea authorized Supercon Pest Control Service (SUPERCON), is a Philippine based company that provides high quality pest control management services in the local market. The company was established in 1972.
By the authority of Brown Y Ltd (UK) vested to Supercon Pest Control Service will be establishing its dealer network all throughout the Philippines, introducing world class new revolutionary pest control equipment to the vector and pest control, health and agricultural industries. All VectorFog™ products are certified by numerous standards, including CE, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are subject to total quality control processes. Our products have now reached a broad range of customers globally, including the Far East, Middle East, Russia, South America and Europe.

To become the recognized leader in pest control equipment and soon thereafter be among the top 10 vector and pest control dealer in the Philippines.

To provide for the Filipinos a world class & affordable pest control equipments in the Philippines and to become a high quality and standard “Vectorfog” as a trusted and reliable pest control equipment “brand”.

Purpose and Objectives
• To import, sell and distribute pest control tools and equipments, and other mechanically propelled pest control tools and equipments, (and soon Solar and Electric Powered), insect light traps, parts, accessories, equipments, supplies, tools, environmental friendly non-poison and other related products.
• To acquire, maintain, warehouse, and similar structures for the purpose of maintaining, repairing, cleaning, and offering other services for replacement of parts and accessories, equipment of all types and descriptions.
• To establish and maintain a major presence in the Philippine pest control equipment market through the introduction of world class quality and new revolutionary pest control equipment brand from Korea.


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